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  • collatinus - для облегчения разбора текстов на латыни (Рекомендует: felix-latin-data) Описание: lemmatisation of latin text Collatinus can be used to lemmatise latin texts, i.e. extract words and make a lexicon which indicates for each word its canonic form, and how the form actually found in the text was derived from it, for instance by declining it. Example : rosam gives : rosa-rosae – acc. sing. Collatinus provides a nice graphic front-end to each operation.
  • whitakers-words Описание: Latin word parser and translation aid Whitakers Words is a program that takes in words in Latin, and analyzes them to determine the stems, case, form, and any possible translations. It can also provide Latin words with a given translation, going from Latin to English. It is an invaluable tool for Latin users, be they experts or new learners. Words was created by Willam Whitaker (1936-2010) as a curiosity that demonstrated his new programming language, Ada. It was since improved and iterated on, ported away from it's DOS roots, and given an online access point. This package contains the executable parser program. Домашняя страница: http://mk270.github.io/whitakers-words/
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