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nntp and usenet

Стандартные префиксы

  • comp.* — Discussion of computer-related topics
  • news.* — Discussion of Usenet itself
  • sci.* — Discussion of scientific subjects
  • rec.* — Discussion of recreational activities (e.g. games and hobbies)
  • soc.* — Socialising and discussion of social issues.
  • talk.* — Discussion of contentious issues such as religion and politics.
  • misc.* — Miscellaneous discussion—anything which does not fit in the other hierarchies.
  • alt - прочее.
  • humanities. - для гуманитарщины.

Additionally, there is the free.* hierarchy, which can be considered "more alt than alt.*".


бесплатные юзнет-сервера.

Только текст, разумеется. Вообще, была сильно удивлена, обнаружив, что в юзнете много файлконф, и это чуть ли не основное, зачем их используют. Но файлконфы - платно. Может, потому их и не прикрыли, что не общедоступно?

Текст о том, как завести новую группу

From: "Adam H. Kerman" <ahk@chinet.com> Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] alt.comp.software.thunderbird Newsgroups: alt.config Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 19:45:17 -0000 (UTC) (1 hour, 47 minutes, 33 seconds ago) Organization: A noiseless patient Spider

Kids! You were all misinformed. Posting followups in alt.config to express support for a proposed newsgroup is off topic and NOT a way to promote creation of the newsgroup. All that's on topic here is discussion of the draft charter for the newsgroup.

Getting a newsgroup going is actual hard work. Someone – this would be the proponent's job – has to look for ongoing discussion taking place in existing newsgroups and let those people know to request creation of the proposed group and then post to it.

There are three steps:

  1. Proponent sends newgroup message.

Anyone can send a newgroup message. It does not create a newsgroup.

  1. Proponent promotes creation of the group to existing Usenet users,

asking them to ask their News administrators to create the group locally. Newsgroups ARE NOT created simultaneously throughout the Usenet network, but one server at a time, usually upon request of a user.

  1. After the user requests creation of the group locally, he subscribes

to it in his newsreader. Then he can start posting.

A group isn't viable if there aren't at least 10 articles a day posted to it that aren't crossposted, that aren't just Web articles re-injected into Usenet. Actual on-topic discussion has to take place. Getting to this point is hard work and the proponent's job isn't done till the group has become viable.

If a supporter would like to help the proponent promote the newsgroup after he's sent the newgroup message, that would be useful.

Posting expressions of support in alt.config does nothing at all useful. That's just not how configging works in alt.*.

To get a newsgroup going, it's all do the hard work of promoting the group yourself. No one cares if the lurkers support you in email.

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